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Fleur Narcotique

Fleur Narcotique

Drawn from the passion for trans-seasonal sweetness, Overload Studios returns with the Fleur Narcotique collection – a sultry foray into the unspoiled splendor of an endless Summer. Moved by her unwavering zest for life and inspired by her fiery feminine presence, Fleur Narcotique is an ode to the Overload woman. 

Each 14kt gold honey-hued piece encapsulates the essence of a late Summer's day. While a spectrum of rose-tinted tones and shades of cool azures come to life as subtle nuances, personifying the crux of inner divinity. 

 A collection that stays close to the sun wherever it's worn. Created to watch the world go by, one sunset at a time.

Overload Fine is our premium 14kt solid gold jewelry line, finished with clinquant semi-precious and precious gemstones. Breathing new life into the brands’ timeless aesthetic, hints of previous signature Overload styles are complemented by a spirited twist - making this our most cherished collection to date.  

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