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Silver Lining

Silver Lining

In the wake of a new dawn, introducing  Silver Lining - a covetable collection exploring the awakening moments of dusk & dawn and the recharging energy of the in-between.

A sensible and thought-provoking unisex collection that finds its inspiration in the slow rush of the rising and setting sun. Their universal properties have always held a place in our designs. As the world is currently upside down, we feel them ever so strongly. 

Cast your imagination on a synergetic jewelry collection, finished with dusky-hues of smokey quartz and black onyx shimmering confidently as the night falls upon them. Contrasted by a cascade of color with soft yellow and fire-citrine gemstones emulating dawn. 

The Cloud 9 Necklace was designed with the intent to serve as a symbol of clarity, inspiring to rise above and beyond the ordinary. For those ready to step into the light - this season’s ultimate eye-catchers are the gold Flare Earrings - embellished with chromatic champagne stones which serve as a celebratory salute to the brighter days to come.  

NamePitch Earring
Price €44.80 - €79.80 €114.00 Pre-order
NamePitch Necklace
Price Sold Out €69.00
NamePyro Ring
Price €35.00 €70.00
NameRain Necklace
Price €44.25 €59.00
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