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Test - Patrick van Riemsdijk

by Iris Bavelaar June 09, 2021

Patrick van Riemsdijk

Born in Utrecht in 1986, to his parents - both of whom artists - Patrick has spent his entire life immersed in visual arts. I create whatever I love. Every stroke of the brush, big or small, is my decision. That makes my work so personal. It’s me on a canvas. Where being able to paint whatever I want is the highest form of freedom

Finding my own style took me some years. Now, within the bounderies of my style, I try to experiment and search for new use of colors, materials and shapes. My work starts with colour, not with form. Mixing colors can be a project on its own. There have been situation where I finally reached that unique color I was looking for only to realize that I didn’t have enough for the canvas in mind. Frustrating, but part of the process. Starting over when you are not satisfied comes with the job. And not making concessions comes with finding your own style.





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