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Disclosure of Gems with Lauren Magdalena

September 13, 2019

Public Treasures

Disclosure of Gems with Lauren Magdalena

13 Sept 10.30 am CST

Lauren is wearing: Aurora earrings, Rae Sapphire earring, all other jewelry is her own.

Disclosure of Gems - an interview series with inspirational women who embody the character of Overload. Giving us a closer look at their personal treasures and the story behind them. In celebration of art, femininity, ambition, style and everything in between.

What’s in a name... Lauren Magdalena ... She’s has been hopping around the globe for almost a decade for her modeling career and recently ventured into the world of styling. Mesmerized by her unique presence, we met up with this full lipped, gap toothed beauty for a full disclosure of her personal gems. In a world full of trends this rock ’n roll stunner combines timeless classics and edgy pieces. We spoke to her about very family jewels and her love of beautiful art spaces.

What does your ideal Sunday look like? 

               Not being hungover...

Do you recall your first piece of jewelry?

I do! Ever since I was little, my mom, sister and I always went to this jewel shop called “Eenvoud”. I remember one time for Christmas, my mom bought me this tiny pearl bracelet. She said “Pearls are meant to be given, buying them for yourself means bad luck!” Don’t know why but I’ve always remembered that. I still have the bracelet as well! 

Do you collect anything?


Hmm I don’t think I’m much of a “collector”. Actually, I’m more the kind of person that throws everything out when it’s time for that big annual clean up. But I have about three shoeboxes filled with Polaroids, made by the guys that stroll around the city at night. Pretty sure you can call that quite a collection…

What is your most meaningful piece of jewelry and why?

A year ago, my mom and I went shopping for a ring for my birthday (that’s become a bit of a tradition through the years). Usually we always set a budget and from there on I pick something. But this time we went to Lyppens, and the only thing I could set my eyes on was this huge gold and tiny bit over the top chain ring. I was hooked... It was way over budget, so my mom told me to sleep on it for a bit. The next day I went straight back and bought it anyways. It was waaay too expensive. But I wear it everyday and everyday it still makes me feel like a million bucks. I think that feeling is priceless.

Favorite place you view art and why?

My absolute favorite is Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Even when there’s an exhibition that doesn’t really speak to me, I still go because I just love being in that building. Actually, I don’t know a lot about art but I often go to museums because of the architecture of the buildings itself. Huge exhibition spaces always bring peace to me.  



What is your all time favorite quote?

Every quote by Samantha in Sex and the City!
Oh and every quote by my best friend Kees.
I don’t know how she comes up with these things but they’re hilarious. 

Name 3 things you can’t live without?

· Family and friends 

· My son Frankie! Okay... he’s actually a cat. But the crazy cat lady that I am, it feels like I raised him as my own.

· Favorite blue and white striped men’s shirt, which I actually wear a little too often… 


Next to modelling you recently started doing styling work as well, how did you get into that business?

As I have been working as a model for quite some time (9 years already), I thought it was time to start doing something else that would give me a new kind of energy and joy. I wanted to learn a bit more about the profession so I asked stylists I really liked and had worked with in the past, if perhaps I could assist them. Since then I’ve worked on some really great productions with amazing teams. By assisting as much as I can, I’m developing my own style. Slowly, but thoroughly!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I think you can get inspired by loads of things. By people around you, something you read or something you see in the streets. The other day, I was flicking through some old Playboys (yep... very classy!) from the 70’s with my sister and found all these amazing vintage ads. One in particular, from Chanel perfume, that we loved. I immediately cut it out and framed it.

What quality would you like to

be most remembered for?

Being the go-to person for the people I love most. 

Favorite IG account(s) to follow?

I love @atelierfranckdurand. Their layout, how clean and aesthetic it is.
Furthermore, I really enjoy @leandramcohen from Man Repeller.
She’s hilarious and her style is very inspiring!

You’ve traveled all over the world for your modeling career. What is one of the most memorable moments of your travels? 

The most memorable one has to be Iceland. The first time I traveled there, it was with an amazing team that I already knew very well. It felt more like a short holiday rather than work. I swear I cried almost everyday because of the beauty of nature. It seemed like we were the only people on the planet. After the week came to an end and we drove back to civilization, we were all very quiet. I could even say sad. It sounds very cheesy but that week we all experienced a little magic, and I guess we just weren’t ready to let it go. 

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